Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ranting Again and Stuff Happening n That

So there’s a few good things happened recently with releases off the label and more hot wax imminent and also the eventful adventures of the Red Laser family, but first! A rant---- 

Ha ha fukin ha! The corporate music business is proving once again its full of shit. And yes, if you’re reading this and have previously bought into the world of who’s hot based on how many likes a post gets or the amount of followers someone has on varying social media then you are a massive cunt. Bet you feel like a fukin sheep right now due to the fact it’s all fukin fake. Automatically convincing yourself your ‘on the pulse’ when really you’ve been duped by a record label paying for the services of a ‘Likes’ factory to big up there bands or so called artists. A production line creating fake profiles and followers and leaving bullshit messages. And theres people who love that as a facility. Your heads full of bad magic ya twat.

Yes you heard it knobheads. A few grand could get you thousands of blag followers on Soundcloud with comments on your tracks. It could get you even more likes for a post on Facebook and, Yes, there really are people out there that use music as a popularity vehicle and not as a medative antidote to bullshit that induces creativity, self-discovery and a wider understanding of life in general. So really all you have to be is some spoiled bulb sniff with a rich family and a hunger for popularity and even your talentless attempt at music could be received warmly by music scenesters who feel the need to be ‘In the know’ or ‘Not missing out’ on some turd with growing popularity out of nowhere.  Cunts like that have the cleanest arses around because all their shit comes out of their mouths period* (*Not the American terminology. Period comes out of their mouths as well) 

O yeah and Rita Ora please fuck off yeah (Rant nearly over) Great to see there advertising 2 for 1 tickets for your appearance at Haydock Park. Loads of mongs are skint these days so your concert will hopefully be shite. I would say cancelled but the thought of you having to do a gig to a tenth of the official capacity is heart-warming for me :D And that Eliza Doolittle. Could you please have an accident involving your throat.

Check this article from Chicago based blogger on the above subject. Nice and investigative

On a lighter note there has been some quality shenanigans of late. The Disco Mums and friends went to a quiet retreat in the hills for some girly chats and brisk walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside …………….. and ended up razzled for the whole weekend while getting dressed up in all manner of nutty outfits. They didn’t leave the cottage except for a quick visit to the local pond and the beer shop for re-stockage. The end result was this fantastic photo posted on the Red Laser facebook page. Surprisingly productive of the girls for this kind of caper.

Somebody asked me if Wet Play was any good at the weekend. “Does Pinocchio have wooden bollocks?”  was the answer (That’s Kwasi’s answer actually but I had to tax it). Fuck Yeah! No bullshit this was one hell of a party. The place was packed and they had to turn away 100 plus people. If you were one of these people then all I can say is “GUTTED” Get there early next time. Casually late saw you casually home early fool. 

I had the honour of playing from midnight to 1.2oam. The place was bouncing. A real dirty party. I presumed I must of played brilliantly but club systems can be very forgiving when it comes to sketchy mixes n that. When I heard the live recording back I laughed my arse off at a couple of clattered mixes and, of my own doing, sound issues. A few schoolboy errors But ya know what? it didn’t fukin matter. It still went right off in that club. like a fukin disco rocket! In the words of Wet Plays Randal Marsh “Perfection is for turds Gee.” And he's fukin right. Randy also hinted that a limited tape release of the live recording could surface so watch the Wet Play blog just in case.
(Digital flyer version of the Bayaux Taperstry)
Next up on the Manchester underground party calendar is something so underground you might bump into a dead and buried relative. Red Laser, Wet Play, That Amazing Thing and Full Beam are collaborating for a party so special and secret that if I give any more detail I would need to add some kind of self-destruct mechanism to destroy your computer as you read, or lazers in ya eyes to fry ya retinas n shit. "CLICK HERE" to make fuck all happen

Finally things are moving fast and I’m getting excited as Red Laser EP4 test press is back soon and has a very special guest involved and also the immense “Wet Play – WGFM #2” full release is imminent – Exciting times.

Laterz people

Il Bosco

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