Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wheres all the Anthems?

Recently I randomly got to thinking about the increasing disappearance of the “Anthem”. Maybe it’s just me but it seems bangers only get played a few times these days and then get shelved when they could be still blowing the roof off the fukin disco. Back in the day there was no CD’s or downloads so some 12’s would stay in the box for longer due to their impact on an audience and the fact you could’nt purchase a vast amounts of music instantly to replace them due to limited releases each month.  The audience would hear your selection regularly and as a result the better tracks would become anthems for a scene. I’m bringing back the anthem and reviewing some tracks that Red Laser regulars know there bound to hear when I get excited (or lazy)

 Tin Man – Falling Acid

Defo my deep anthem. This track goes deeper than black holes. If this was pressed on gold it couldn’t be heavier. Tin Man has his sub bass in the perfect place on this acid monster. If you let yourself go its twisting analogue blobs will make you gurn like a denture-less pensioner with a mouthful of hot soup. And that’s before you drop any E’s mate. Take on the Falling Acid challenge! You must stay expressionless for the full 7 minutes of this record. I’m tellin ya without the assistance of Botox it’s fukin Impossible

 Aurra – You And Me Tonight

Defo my top shallow anthem. This record aint deep at all but that’s what makes it brillo. Even the moody fellas will join the girls on the floor without fail for a slice of the boogie jam pop tart. Great for watching dancing couples act out the story of the song. The guy trying to get back into his ex girlfriends gusset while the girl fucks him off for being a “PLAYA”. The last time I played it in Q Carvern it went mental. If a deaf person walked in at that moment they may have guessed we were all singing Ol Lang Syne or the Okey Cokey. This is a 50p jam all day long so get online or down the charity shop quick. Great sing-a-long tackle

 Il Bosco – Norea Son

“Ok. What kind of arsehole reviews his own record?” You ask. So I aint gonna, but the truth is this is the only track I ever made that I like to play out regularly and (Sucks his own dick) it always gets a “What the fucks this track mate?” which is a good sign that you did something right. I know a lot of producers suffer from the “cant play my own track” thing purely due to the fact a lot of times you will set out with a dancer in mind and end up making a listener instead so I’m buzzin that with this track I actually fulfilled my own brief. By the way I will just ad the whole process I did without using a computer once. Music and Artwork. Don’t forget to turn up the highs on the mixer for maximum sonic seduction due to my piss poor EQing

 Carol Williams – Cant get away from your Love (Dub)

Its Intergalactic surfing time on echo waves through the cosmos when this dubbed out boogie monolith gets dropped. You can’t lose playing this fucker. Even your weird relatives who claim to not like any music will have to fight back the enjoyment as this bubbling pot of synth stew fills the room. Catch auntie and uncle dickhead floating around the disco like the Bisto Kids

 Strike One – Can’t touch me anymore

Needle down, hair’s on your body up. Instant audio hope. Turns any darkened room into a smile factory. Empowering lyrics for the bitches, skull compressing bass squelch for the Gee’s and soaring catchy horn hook make this an instant floor filler. To top it off you will unintentionally annoy the fuck out of your work colleagues when you randomly hum the tune 50 times a day unless you’re jobless in which case you can pump it loud while watching toothless sperm bags receive DNA results on Jeremy Kyle. “Just as we thought. It’s yours Shep! Now are you gonna do the right thing?” “Woof Woof” 

 Midnight Savari – Phantom Galacton

When this came out a few years ago it instantly appealed to my passion for early 90’s rave records. The piano stabs remind me of the early tracks that would rock large warehouse party’s in the North of England. Those places would sell out 5000 people and didn’t have a drinks licence. Imagine spending £10 to get in a club where you couldn’t buy a sodding beer. Fuck that! It just wouldn’t fukin happen these days!! But it did back then and this is the type of sound that was considered hardcore. How times change (predictable boring old cunt). Anyway just to make things even more interesting these dudes are from Jakarta! See! Eastern music isn’t just out of tune plinky plunking and ear bleeding  gibberish!

Gift of Dreams – Mandroid

This has to have been made by a bunch of homosexual, future obsessed, crack addicts in the early 80’s for sure!! That’s how I imagine Gift Of Dreams to be when I first heard this record. Initially I thought it was novel. Then a couple of years ago I dug it out again for a mix tape I did for OiPolloi’s blog and realised the sheer brilliance of this early electronic soulful powerhouse. Sparse beats, heavy arppegiatted synths and raw vocal make this an absolute belter. Nothing else sounds similar. It’s one of my 3 year old boys favourites too and he always makes me rewind the intro so he can repeatedly hear Mandroid’s phantom style robo cackle when it comes on in the car. A true gem

 Tyree – Acid Over (Piano Matey Mix)

Older friends who lived the Acid House scene always used to pull me up for playing this version saying “Your playin the wrong version ya mad – ed!” But to me this is the one. Its does you right to sometimes hear tracks from a scene you know little about as you will be uninfluenced by the whole “This version is the classic. All others are to be deleted from time” attitude. I put this on the another earlier mix I did for Manchesters OiPolloi blog a few years ago and people asked about this more than any other track on the mix tape. Last time I looked there wasn’t even a Youtube viddy for this slept on classic. Scandalous!!!

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