Thursday, 12 December 2013

Joy To The World

I have been quite honored recently to have received invitations to DJ at club nights that I would pay to go to never mind DJ at. In recent years I have become not interested in DJing just for the sake of it. I have in fact been turning down DJ offers when they may involve the following scenarios

1 – Spending 4 hours in a City Centre Bar with punters that think there cool as fuck because they are in a City Centre bar asking questions like “can I mix the next record?” and “have you got anything good?” Well twat neck “Can I mix my fist with your face?” and “Has your Mum ever birthed anyone good?”

2 – Some student sends you a message saying “Come and play at my party. It’s really good. It’s always busy”. “I can get your taxi fare, 5 free drinks and some free guest list”. Er, how about fuck  off? Instead I could  stay at home and listen to music while eating top scran, drinking bottles of wine and getting busy with the Mrs without even leaving the couch. “Fukin pleb”

3 – “We are doing a charity gig will you play?” Yo I aint being funny but I got a family to look after and this fucked up country doesn’t do much to help the hard workin working class man. I bet Mr Oxfam don’t buy second hand clothes for his kids? I bet Mr Shelter got more than 3 bedrooms? I bet Mr Mind got his health care nailed? I bet Mrs Animals In Distress enjoys her Fois Gras? If it aint Cancer or AIDS I’m not arsed and even these days doin a charity gig for AIDS victims is like doing a charity gig for Flu victims. A testament to how far we have come with the treatment of HIV

Call me picky but I only wanna DJ at nights that I really like to go to as a punter as well as nights that have a great reputation or nights that are run by people who I know are clued up. Anything else will depend on how ridiculous the money is. Let’s be honest, if Tesco’s offered me £5000.00 to DJ for an hour in Stretford Mall I’d bend ova forwards to accommodate never mind backwards. Lube me up and go easy Tesco

The following bookings are definitely not money based decisions and I am really looking forward to choosing the records and playing at these upcoming events.

The End Of Year Riot – FAC501 – Manchester - 27th Dec 2013

When first got the vinyl bug at about 14 I was missing out on an amazing time in Manchester music history because my age restricted me from goin out clubbin. While Manchester basked in nightclub glory I had to settle for smoking bongs on the park and shooting piss heads on their way home after last orders with an air rifle from my bedroom window. Older heads would talk about the Hacienda like they had discovered a pleasure paradise. In 92 I was 17 and old enough to get a blag I.D card and by this time the Hacienda was like a disco in a maximum security prison. I’d finally come of age and Manchester’s club scene was fucked due to hooliganism, gang violence and the council’s lax approach to door staffing regulations which had every twat in Manchester controlling the clubs. Still even before I was old enough to attend clubs I collected the music so in some ways, even tho I never made it to the Hac in its heyday, it still had an impact on me musically and mentally. It took a good 8 years before the Manchester Club revival had fully kicked in.

A big part of the revival was born through music eclecticism centred around the record shops in the newly named Northern Quarter. Many of the shop workers and frequent punters were organising small parties separately and together around Manchester from the mid 90’s and spawned nights like Yellow, Aficionado and Head Funk, These nights had the party jumpin without playing house music! To me this was weird, new and exciting. Eventually in 99 I joined the Fat City crew and a year later started working on the Friends & Family party just at the right time to ride the wave my piers had initially rippled 4 years before.

The main night that kick started the revival was the legendary Electric Chair. Its crew steered this small underground night over 13 years from small party in 1995 to 1000 capacity international dancing zone by its hay day throughout the noughties. It became the flagship of Manchester music revival and put us back on the fukin map just as we were getting pigeon holed as an ‘indie rock’ haircut factory.

 I would attend whenever possible. The atmosphere was ridiculous. People would travel from all over Europe to attend. DJ’s couldn’t believe it. They jizzed in their pants and couldn’t wait to get re booked. Everybody was in there. The cargo net would get ripped down from the roof ritually at each event as the DJ hit fever pitch (I have the honour of making this happen when I played at one of the last events). And everybody, absolutely everybody, was out of their fukin skulls!

It was inevitable that Electrics would celebrate an end of year party and this became “The End Of Year Riot”. Instantly The Riot became an important fixture in the Manchester clubbing calendar. Its original venue of Legends is sadly not with us anymore after being demolished to make way for Turd Pods (city centre quick build apartments). Its cavernous multi floored maze was perfect for housing only the highest calibre of tit head from Manchester’s underground club scene. Still they have the cracking multi roomed venue of Paradise Factory so you won’t miss out on that fear of being lost as you loop the building 30 times and still not find your mates.          

This year’s line-up looks fantastic. Horse Meat Disco, Chris Dukenfield, Justin Robertson, The Unabombers, Derrick Carter and Joes Bakery. This is all happening on Friday 27th December and will sell out in advance I’m sure so "Click Here" For the Event Details.

Wet Play, Full Beam, Red Laser Records – New Year’s Eve Party – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

The Wet Play New Year’s Eve Party at Soup Kitchen is becoming the stuff of legend. Wet Play mad fukers Matt Ward, Wayward, Randy Marsh and Ste Spandex have been smashing it for the last 2 years and this year have invited Red Laser Records and Full Beam to join the rumble. Not only that they have special guest Benny Badge of Nite Class and Freekwency fame. Repping the Red Laser Crew will be me, my red laser business partner and Fat City bossman Matt Triggs and our man from France Leon x Leon is making the trip for his first experience of Manchester’s crazy gang. This will be without a doubt the mentalists choice of New Years eve party playin the strongest underground vibes as standard. Cancel the New Years day turkey and get enquiring about what time your local pub opens instead. I cant wait to celebrate over the 2 floored Soup Kitchen venue which is definitely one of the best underground venues in Manchester. V Excited

"Click Here" for event details

I was that happy about being involved in this event that I became overcome with creative energy and set about making a set of Top Trumps Cards based on all the DJ’s who have played at Red Laser, Wet Play and Full Beam. 39 handmade cards. What I did as a joke ended up coming to fruition and 30 packs were made. Only 2 remain after they were snapped up online. If you want a pack you better move fast cos I cant be arsed with the re-press

Snap up a pack by emailing me here  £4.50 a pack G

As for as the actual event goes it  will sell out in advance so get your tickets sorted!!!!!! Click here for the event

Hypnotic Tango - The Waiting Room - Stoke Newington London

This is Hypnotic Tango's second event and by the look of their first event this looks my kind of night. First of all the fact it is named after My Mines mega classic track and secondly the 1st line-up was pretty special with Bordello A Pariagi and Ali Renault repping sealed the deal. Its always great to be apart of something new so any London peeps get down and represent. Also on the night is Brassica of Civil Music and Piers Martin of Cocadisco and the Hypnotic Tango residents. I will be digging deep into the vaults. Dusty vinyl selections only 

Regarding all these events there will be, of course, people who will say “Who the fuck is Il Bosco?” to which I would say. Fuck you cunt…… No  No ha ha only jokin. Av a go here at a brand new all vinyl live recording and clue ones self up init "Click Here"

Nice One

Il Bosco

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Blood Lust - Bosco Wine Reviews

Seen as tho its Halloween, instead of doing the obvs and writing about ghosts and horror disco I thought I would give my verdict on my favourite blood coloured tipple Red Wine! The following would be best read listening to Flemming Dalums Classic Mixtape ITALOWEEEEEEENNNNN 

 Most peeps I know on Manchester’s boogie italo scene like to get fucked up (Intoxicated). Warm tinnies are the grog of choice for most G’s except for Full Beam’s Randal Marsh who fuels up on Buckfast and Hyper Juice (Blag Red Bull) which would explain why he has a faulty trigger. But when im chillin in the nest sifting through that week’s collected charity shop rubble for gems or just getting lost in heavy delays while synth jizzin I like to kick it with a nice glass of rouge init. I do prefer the reds as white wine can often leave me feeling like im on the waltzers with an eager gypo on spin duty. Red however makes me feel more like I’m being cuddled by the gypos nana and goes well with a bifta. 

Here’s a guide to Bosco’s favourite reds of the moment. P,S Most are based on whats on offer at the local supermarket. There is an Oddbins down the road but facing failed graduates with bad skin and stale breath really puts me off drinkin so I rarely frequent the gaff

Oyster Bay – Pinot Noir – New Zealand – 2011

 Years ago the bigger the taste the better the wine was for young Bosco, Now, a huge bouquet with a tamed impact on the taste buds has become my standard choice. Subtle new world wines like the Pinot Noirs of Oz and New Zealand are the equivalent to droppin a sophisticated well produced chugger at the disco. Nobody notices at first until a few minutes in the heads start turnin eventually leading to questions gettin asked. It has a subtle port like nose with a spiced fruit gain and a great citrusy crisp fade echoing through each gulping outro. All combine to give a delightfully complex grip in the understated style of Pinot Noir. This excellent example can be picked up in most supermarkets. Sometimes on offer too which will have me stockin-up for storing in my wine cellar (cupboard next to the oven). Verdict – Reassuringly not that expensive

Ogio - Primitivo – Italy – 2012

This is a cracking power wine. Showbiz grog at ghetto prices. It seems to be perpetually on offer in the local supermarket so i always grab a few bottles for the cellar. It is dangerously gluggable and if one isn’t careful you’ll find yourself waking up in your own piss. It instantly has a place in my heart due to its production location of Puglia which is right in the heel of Italy’s boot. Its well-known that I got a thing for high heels Shaaamooaaann!!!. It has none of the annoying sharpness you get with cheap wines that result in a bum-hole shaped vinegar mouth. Its rounded smooth edges complete with great rich jammy undertones make this bottle-o-juice a real guzzler. Verdict - A Rad Red

Chateau Musar – 2003 – Lebanon

 It’s in the special occasion price range but fuck me this is a belter. If you ask most G’s to name something great to come out of Lebanon theyd probably say 1) red hashish, or 2) the fukin road out of the country unaware that the Leb is responsible for some bangin wines. Musar is made from a variation of classic Bordeaux grapes in the old skool style and so, just like Bosco, it gets sexier with age. This needs 10 years minimum before gargling can commence and is best decanted and left to sit for at least 10 mins. Anyone who’s kicked back with a decent vintage before will know about the addictive musky tones you get with an aged wine. Its deep rotten wood, vanilla, tobacco and dried plumb vibe puzzles and tricks the taste buds leaving you gaggin for more after each gulp. Only quaffable if you’ve got deep pockets G as sinkin 4 bottles of this fuker in a night will cost you over a 100 nicker. That’s more expensive than crack addiction. Time to start robbin teenagers in Stretford Mall to fund my Musar habit. – Verdict - Elebanon out of 10

Louis Jadot - Beaujolais-Villages – 2011

Just like my vinyls Im a sucker for the old school. This belter from Burgundy is defo kickin the arse of any normal Beaujolais. The French boss the old world in the wine stakes and this is liquid proof. Big berries dance about in the mouth like Ribbenna employees at the staff crimbo party. The warmer they get the juicer the results. This agent of pleasure is built solid and gives a great performance with Red Meats and rich gravy’s. Verdict – Old skool leg opener

Casalle di Valle – Merlot - Chianti – 2012

To most the word Chianti will conjur images of a corny English cannibal wearing a grid on his mouth and sucking through his teeth. This is pretty shit really as it takes away from how good this region is for wines. Chianti is in central Tuscany which makes it the centre of Italy’s culinary centre which pretty much makes it centre of the centre of Europe’s scran centre. All those years of experience and inspiration culminate in many great Chiantis including in this bright cherry red with great consistent legs and peppery bottom. Goes well with 80’s electro and Italo slo-mo bangers – Verdict – Top Italowine

Mountain Veiw - Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile – 2012

 Any amateur wine swigger will have noticed the invasion of Chile on the local supermarket shelves and when they aint chewin coca leaves and fukin lamas these cats produce some red hot wines. Mountain View kicks a nice medium flavour. Not to strong and not to weak either making this a very versatile poison. Its legs stay strong on the glass and it gives a creamy finish due to its surprising thickness which only enhances its pungent berry tones and meaty apparitions. Again a great price means you can stock up and drink till your gaol bladder fills with rocks. Verdict – Proper Quaffer

Anyway go fill yer fukin boots and enjoy the above claret. Wear a white shirt get pissed enough to spill it all over yasen and you will look the part for Halloween too!

Once ya hit bottle number 3 why not call the Albanians and stick on some boogie bombs courtesy of this belting mixtape from Randy Marsh (Click Here for "A Late Night Boogie Review 2) complete with Psychopathic cover art!


Il Bosco 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Party's and Records

Not done the whole record review thing for a while so its defo time to talk about some more rare and special synth orientated vinyl’s in a Skally Gonzo styleeeeeeeeeee. Also we got a propa cyber music extravaganza happening with some of the finest live acts including Silverclub who are one of Manchester’smost respected and long running synth bands, Tommy Walker 3 from the quality and respected Cyberdance label (Big ups to Ali Renault and Casionova)and Red Lasers own Ste Spandex the VHS hoarder / unique production talent. DJ support comes in the form of Me (Il Bosco), Pete Mangalore of Space Docking and Faktion who was recently abducted and replaced with a humanoid version of himself and the Disco Mums who are available as none of em are up the duff again as yet. For event details "CLICK HERE"

Before I start the vinyl bizznizz theres a couple of things I wanna mention. First I need to talk about Severo Lombardoni. 

(One of the many Disco Magic Logo's. I like this one cos it looks like the print you used to get on acid tabs)

Lombardoni was a DJ and producer and the man behind the huge Italian Label and distributer (And I mean massive and amazing) Disco Magic Records. This guy is partly responsible for pretty much every big Italian record ever made. He died last year there was little reaction due to his anonymity outside of the Italo Disco world. This is an official R.I P from Red Laser HQ.



Next is a radio show that has to be checked. Every Saturday at midnight Manchester Soul and Boogie legend Andy Madhatter does a 2 hour music show of absolute quality which goes out live on 90.1 Peace FM. The recordings are available on Mixcloud and are not to be missed. Andy has been researching and collecting for years before I could even wipe my own arse and as a result his selections are of the highest standards and always an education. Click "HERE" For fukin loads of ace live recorded shows

So after diving into the snatch of the Red Laser vaults and having a good rummage I found some Gems that I instantly wanted to talk about. Here goes

Helen – Witch

Some Italo records really do blow my fukin bollocks off! This four four electro chest pumper released first on OUT records in 1983 then ZYX later that same year is something altogether unworldly. At the same time as Cybertron were making Clear, on the other side of the world a Mr Regazzoni was in his studio making what i consider the Italian version of the foundations of Electro / Electronic Pop. Yet Witch has gone without a jot of recognition for how ahead of its time it was and still is. There’s only one problem with this record. It costs a fortune! However you can get a pricey bootleg on the Dutch ‘Safety copy’ series. Run fast as it’s well worth the money. Just to finish, on the sleave notes the man Severo Lombardoni gets a production credit. Fukin dude. Stuck it on this Mixtape. Click on the Blue text - MDD MIX 089 . mixed By Il Bosco

 Ricardo Cioni – Fog

Yes! Analog drug soup is back on the menu! The production on this electro chugger is amazing. The track is so moody its long intro simmers until its depths reveal synthy chunks swirling upward from the deep and eventually they twist and dance in the discoid liquid. My greedy brain devours it all. I can’t get enough of this beautiful stuff. I project modular regurgitation into a wet neon lit gutter. I end up masturbating in the back of the police van. Bulimic music for not rights

 Motion – You and I

I remember being mesmerised by the synthetic warm feeling I would get from staring my nanas electro blag fireplace. The plastic mould of logs and ash with the red light bulbs inside that when heated turned the silver fans to create that trippy slow flicker effect.  This album only track is the musical equivalent of synthetic warmth. Its a crackling analogue boogie ballad thats great for getting the man made warm feeling (Warning! homo erotic inner gay coming out via creative writing). It’s sweet enough to get the ladies humming along yet weird and raw enough to keep the beards happy too.  The album "Gotta Keep Dancin" only ever seems to have ever been released by the Dutch re-issue label Rams Horn. ZYX and Rams Horn did put out original artists as well so i suppose its not much of a suprise that its only available here. Worth a few bob these days

 Hit Man - Future Times

Holy SHIT!!! Grab your phazers and run for the hills! Here comes the low slung analog boogie monster dragging its knuckles and kicking cans down Flick Bass Avenue.  The beats on this track are heavyweight which only add to the imagery of a dark and ever progressing beast. It is futuristic, murky and atmospheric like a light based art installation in a fembots vulva. Dank! For me personally, it’s the best track to come out of the exceptional Philly World Records. Real deal slo mo disco right here. 

 Placebo – Balek

Another album only cut. You can’t test this track for gravity. It’s got so much it would crush your instruments to the size of a photon. This shit was made in 1973!! And what’s more by a bunch of flakey white dudes in Belgium!!! Sometimes the facts behind a brilliant track can just enhance the magic. I never get bored of listening to this and the intro is possibly one of my favourites. Marc Moulin and his boys were an avant gard local weirdo movement that managed to break from the freeform traditions of Jazz and go steady, simple and subtle to create some of the best fusion music ever and Balek is the cream of their efforts. Legendary and ahead of its time by years

 Upfront – Infactuation (DuB)

Sometimes you just gotta get up and dance like a robot that’s on a magnesium binge. Its almost like the disco crashed but the result was so good it didn’t need a re-boot. Upfront kicked a forgettable A side vocal but made the right decision in making a dub version. This to me sounds timeless. Its simple electro house party vibe is perfect for bouncing the disco and when that piano kicks in toward the end it really takes it into orbit. Motherfukers gonna need an oil change after listening to this bastard Im tellin ya. Burns just as bright as the magnesium me and R2Gee2 were smoking last night. Peace!

 Starion – Another Dimension

The track that Starion gave me for Red Laser EP1. When I hear it It feels like some shit is about to go off in a neon cyber city somewhere. Part robot part human is readying himself for some racist abuse by prejudice robot purists in a world where anyone with flesh is persecuted by being made to stand up on monorail journeys and use ‘Humanoid only’ toilets as urinal biscuits can annoyingly erode the titanium skins the robot oppressors. If our mutant hero aint careful he could find himself hanging from a pressure vessel outlet vent like shoes on a telephone wire. Its tense, electronic and downright magical. Face melt factor 10

Necleus – Teknology

80’s electro odd balls Nucleus were leaders of the scene back in the early 80’s. They created Jam On It, which is a stone cold classic without a doubt, but some of their album only tracks are fantastic. This stripped down instrumental off their second album Space Is The Place is a mellow dancefloor cracker.  It’s a trippy electronic meltdown of synth pads and beats and stands the test of time because of its fantastic production and 80’s sci fi ethos. Quality retro bizznizz

 Flexxy – Ball Theme

Im a real sucker for those New Romantic Italo tracks. The ones that have really camp moments that have your bum hole body popping induced by awkward cringing. These are the sounds of Italo that Italo lovers embrace and Italo likers turn off. As with a lot of Italo records the vocal is just too ridiculous to ever play or take seriously. What the fuck were these people thinking! Too coked up to give a fuck I guess. But in true Italo fashion we are given the instrumental B-Side. The music and production is fantastic and is proper disco tackle. Pastel pink chinos, white shirt, powder blue suit jacket and white loafers (no socks obvs) at the ready. We going to Rimini you turds :D

Finally i was asked to do a mixtape for Italian DJ Blog Mischio Dischi I stuck loads of New Red Laser Records stuff that is unreleased plus loads of ace and rare italo and comsic shit. CLICK HERE for a good old listen

Anyways i gotta jet. Shit to do and all


Il Bosco

Monday, 16 September 2013

More Red Laser Releases and Random Shit

Before I start any talk of music there are a couple of things I have to document that my bonce had Eureka moments about

First up – I was asked what book would be a good present for a 4 year old. Without even thinking i said “Anythin with robots or monkeys in” A few days later i was thinkin about why i said that. Then i realized ‘everyone’ likes robots and monkeys not just kids. Ok so why? And then i broke it down Gees.

Robots and monkeys are both intriguingly similar to humans but less boring. Monkeys are amusingly chaotic humans in their pre-historic state that do stuff that we hypocritically criticize them for like pissing on their mates, fuking anything that moves no matter the sex, masturbating for all to see, sniffing bum holes, eating things removed from the body, nicking stuff they cant use and ganging up for a bit of the old ultra violence.  At the opposite end of the scale robots are like nerdy amusingly organised humans in their futuristic state that do stuff we hypocritically criticize them for like not walking properly, being top at maths, not being able to run or swim, always calculating the odds of survival in a “Fuck Yeah” situation, being shit at fighting and not fucking anything cos robots are not sexually attractive therefore cant chat up birds very well. What makes both funny is that they are nearly but not quite us. Thats that cleared up

Next i need to know if theres already some kind of theory that says what we see at an atomic level e.g.  atoms and electrons and other really small shit is just the same as stuff at the other end of the scale e.g. galaxy’s, black holes, stars n stuff but depending in which direction you look it seems really small one way and massive the other making General Relativity and the Standard Model actually the same thing. 4D shit gees. Let me know

 So the Wet Play gang of crazies have WGFM #2 about to drop internationally. #1 is pretty much goneski and for a good reason. The shit is HOT!!! Well it’s the same for #2. Yeah so you only get 2 tracks on this one but the fukers are so large you won’t even be bothered. Money’s worth aint about how many tracks you get for your buck it’s how much quality init. I’d rather have two face melters than 20 ear graters anyday ar kid

Wet Play – Where Good Friends Meet #2

Metrodome – My Way

Who can take a vocal? Speed it up to fuck? Fuel it up with acid and go drop a boogie hook? The Metrodome caaaaaaaan. The Metrodome can cos he mixes it with love and makes yer ears feel goooood. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzp No shit if you aint down with this sound you need to un-learn what you have learned G. This is a proper face melter! Someone tell  Katie Piper to avoid listening to this track cos she’ll be back to square one!  If for some reason you get puzzled hearing the pitched vocal then go and listen to loads of early 90’s rave. The scnene was massively into this technique.  This is real dance floor disco music. 11 out of ten for my man Metrodome

Ste Spandex – Pardon My Length

Another discoid tape cruncher from Spandex the cassette collector . He’s been hoarding that shit to keep the production line working so theres currently a Scotch VHS drought in Manchester. Shit gets so hot in Spandexys studio we had to send the whole Ferguson Videostar to the mastering guy cos the track melted the eject button. Looped boogie disco bliss in Spandex’s undeniable style. This cat is the producer that just keeps on giving. The more he releases the better it gets and now he’s finally starting to get noticed worldwide. Theres no way lack of journalistic exposure is gonna hold back Spandex’s march on the underground. His production style is unique yet devastatingly effective.

These Wet Play cats also know how to throw a party. Theyz putting on an all out lazer warfare session with Mancunian underground institution Space Docking on September 20th at Soup Kitchen in Manchester’s NQ. Serious underground sounds cookin up ya brain. "CLICK HERE" for event

We are releasing so much stuff in such a short period im not sure what CAT numbers we’re at anymore. Anyway Red Laser EP4 test press just came back too and fuckin WOW!!!!!!! This shit just gets heavier and heavier. Kid Machine and Starion have been working on their debut RL EP’s so this meant there was some room to fill on EP4 and we haven’t been let down. Heres the lowdown peeps

Tony Carrasco presents B.Funk feat Sally O – Who What Where When and Why? (Flemming Dalum Remix)

To say Tony Carrasco is a bit of an italo legend and is a fukin understatement . he is responsible for some of my favourite Italo records producing Klien & MBO, Ameresie, Flash 83, Gaz Nevada, Plastic Mode and BFunk. Then take Red Laser Man and Italo legend Flemming Dalum and stick him on the remix and POW!!!!! The result is one of the heaviest tracks on Red Laser to date. Its like ACR and ESG were thrown in the studio with nothing to eat except E’s. An absolute top draw track

Nick Smith – Neon

So the great thing about the label for me is the natural way things happen. For some reason i havnt had to deal with one knobhead yet which is rare in showbiz. Out of the intaweb blue comes Nick Smith based over in Leeds and responsible for the Clandestino parties with fellow top bloke / Dj producer Joe Morris. When i heard this track i could not believe I had got to it first. Then i realised there aint many organised vinyl labels out there so this is a golden time for people like me. This 8 minute acid chugger will blow the socks off tramp in January. Mindbendingly good

Leon x Leon – 1985

The French beer of choice. No sorry thats 1884. My man in Paris Leon x Leon is another guy who came to my attention through hanging out in the same virtual spaces. Again a pleasure to deal with due to the laid back attitude of people in the Italo and Disco circles. Leon x Leon hits the sunshine button with this steady and beautifully made sunset disco beatdown. It chugs hard, drops euphorically and then builds and builds to its hands in the air finish. 5 star neavuex discoteque  monsieur

Il Bosco (With Ste Spandex on piano) - Hard Shoulder

 Make a beat, drop some analog bassline, sprinkle with synth jizz and get Ste Spandex over to The Nest to jam the piano and hit the record button. Thats how we do it in Manchester yo. No computers were harmed in the making of this track. Cos we smashed them up when i started the label. Spandex works the same way as i do. All live Jams and overdubs. The result was 18 minute track that our mate James Holroyd edited to the 4 minutes of dancfloor Italo heaven. Team Laser in effect. High five init



Il Bosco