Tuesday, 4 December 2012

EP1. How It Happened

Finally! After various setbacks the finish line is upon us and we have a beautiful record with amazing  bespoke poster artwork. Personally I will be framing the poster and re housing my vinyl in a solid jacket for DJ’ing purposes but collectors may want to keep the item complete. Last night was fuking amusing as Me, Matt Triggs and Bob Dazzle formed the Red Laser Records cottage industry chain gang with Bob slicing 2mm off every poster so they would fit in the sleeve’s and me and Matt combining Poster, sleeve’s and vinyl to make the release complete. That twee bitch off the telly Kirsty Alsop would have had a ‘wide on’ at how ‘Homemade’ this all is. Anyway I ended up going back to my car after we had finished and I had a fuking parking ticket. Well Mr Parking Twat FUCK YOU as I was so happy with the finished EP1 I couldn’t give a fuck HA HA HA HA HA (inane cackle through gritted teeth) :D

The whole idea of the label was to release music on vinyl that we can play at the club night Red Laser Disco. The fact I do not play or never have played CD’s or a laptop when DJing meant I needed to get Vinyl’s produced so I can use the music. Even though I’m a vinyl purist I do not turn my nose up at how music is played. I have been to plenty of nights where the DJ has impressed using CD’s or a laptop. I am interested in music and refuse to get bogged down in arguments regarding the different methods of playing it.

                               Il Bosco's piss is pink

Originally at the start, before I met Kid Machine and Starion I wanted to release rare italo records as I had to take very rare and expensive vinyl’s out to clubs. I am not the best at looking after records when I am pissed and a mint condition record would come home in a G+ condition. 4 rare italo bombs on wax would be a great solution to my problem.  Then before I knew it I had Ste Spandex, Starion, Flemming Dalum and Kid Machine all making new music for a first EP. The result of this is an anything goes label based around the sound of Red Laser Disco with the original concept mixing with the current organic mutation allowing old and new to sit seamlessly together. So here it is

Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine – Fantasmi

Analog disco death chugger. Like a 80’s horror film score on ecstasy. Italo legend Flemming ‘King of the Cut’ Dalum and NeoItalo Blazer Mark ‘Kid Machine’ Wilkinson collaborate to great effect and produce a slo-mo disco belter.

Il Bosco – Slow in C Minor

The original concept of taking an amazing old track and making it playable for a night at Red Laser Disco right here. It’s hard not to feel like a bit of a cunt when tweaking another artist’s original track and releasing it under your name but it’s a concept I have loved as a collector for many years from DJ’s like Harvey, The Unabombers and many more. This curiosity for discovery will hopefully force your fat arse off the couch and down the local second hand shops to get digging through the crates and keep Vinyl alive!!!!!

Starion – Another Dimension

Another Dark Disco Destroyer with heavyweight analogue bass line. Never fails to get the people shaking their heads in disbelief at how heavy Italo can be. Manctalo at its finest

Ste Spandex – Freak For You

Remember not all Italo is camp key changes and rapid fire synth drum rolls.  Italians were making some of the best boogie records of the early 80’s with people like Kano, Elektra and Advance. Spandex delivers the perfect Italo boogie homage with a cover of an underground Boogie classic with Sarah Bates on Vocals. BIG CHOOOOON

Red Laser EP2 and Ste Spandex EP1 will be with us by February (I hope).

Thanks for supporting your local independent label

EP1 available from Piccadilly Records, Clone, Juno, and more 

Il Bosco


  1. Congrats on this fine achievement! Dreams come true with passion and desire, and thanks for believing in new talent from your local scene.

    Bambino Macchina, M23

  2. great release - just heard it, especially "Freak For You" - OOF! Sexy. Cheers from Moon B, Atlanta USA

    1. Thanks for the support weslye mate. Glad you enjoyed the release. Moe coming soon :D

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