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As we will be celebrating our Christmas Party (See link at bottom of page) on Friday 7th of December and
after the reaction I had from the ‘Writing can be uplifting’ post with people asking for more 'Skally Gonzo' reviews i give you this gift of more Italo related verbal bum gravy. ENJOY

I have been pretty obsessed with early 80’s dark Italian disco records for about 8 years now. The heavy productions and its ability to seamlessly crossover into so many other types of music makes for a wide variety of styles to come under one banner rather than today’s ridiculous amount of sub genres limiting what genre collectors collect. It means Italo collectors will have Boogie, Disco, Electro, Proto House, New Romantic and even Euro Pop in there collections. I’ve been into hip hop culture since the early 90’s and its principles of sourcing from a vast variety of styles are the same as with Italo. As a hip hop collector I would find myself collecting more funk, soul, jazz, latin, reggae, and rock records while Italo covers the electronic back catalogue perfectly and this is why I enjoy collecting it so much.

Coco Bill – Evita

A good trick for quenching ones raging thirst for new vinyl’s is to search for something you own on Discogs that you know is obscure. If pretty obscure one or two thieving cunts should be selling it at rich collector prices. Have a look at what else they’re selling and listen. 4 Years ago this is how I came across Coco Bill and it blew my fukin head clean off. Its solid steady arppegiated thud and soaring piano led vocals had me gliding around the studio like a robotic dancing crooner unit. As for the Discogs bandits. Get it on ebay for a quarter of the price and give a large ‘up yours’ to the dealers

Bijou - Marine

New Danish bass bin rumbler ups the pressure in the disco cooker. This twelve comes with a nice bespoke cosmic sleeve too. The track is so simple it will have most producers asking ‘Are they taking the piss?’ This is the perfect example of how you can have only a few sounds in a track but they work with each other so well its like an electronic orchestra. If dudes on Master Chef could marry flavours as well as this guy marries sounds Michelle Roux Jr would be going home with sticky undies. “Analogue Chug doesn’t get better than this”

Europe – Unisexappeal ‘Scratch Remix’

The early eighties saw the birth of ‘The Scratch’ on Electro and Hip Hop records out of the US. For some reason the Italians got the Scratch bug without actually knowing how to use the technique effectively. In fact they were shite at it and they knew it. But for some reason the Italian scratch eventually manifested itself as stripped down ‘Scratch Remixes’ on plenty of Italo B Sides. That trend is responsible for this proto house blockbuster on the obscure Tanga label. It actually is an acid house record 6 years before acid house!! Nice voccoder bursts to boot. Buzzin Tackle

Expansives – Life With You

Camp, badly produced, non comprehensible new romantic hybrid that is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! Seven minutes of super heavy bass driven cosmic horror pop. If you see this for £300.00 online buy it begrudgingly from the thieving dealer. If you see this for £300.00 in a record shop then go back after it’s closed and drive your car through the fukin window. Repairing the damage to your car will cost less than the vinyl. The good news is that there is a cheap bootleg out there on Panama records. The bad news is even the cheap bootleg will cost you £70.00. One of the best ever

Last Waltz – Criminal World (Phoreski Remix)

Top ‘mad bastard’ mackem and years in the game producer Phoreski delivers a lethal dose of smacked up NeoItalo for the disco released a few years back on then emerging Newcastle label ‘Object of Distraction’. You can tell when I have decided to play this record at Red Laser because you will see me hammering the smoke machine like a post opp patient on the morphine button.  Just the right dose of beat heavy electronic soup and synth noodles. Essential

Barbara York – Tonight (Disco Version)

Anybody who has spent more than an hour with me will know I’m crazy about Boogie records. The Italians produced some of the best ever. This is a perfect example of what makes a class boogie track. Squelching subs, disco licks and the dude on guitar slaps it like he’s playing Kim Kardashians arse. This is seven minutes of soaring disco bliss. Guaranteed female saturated dance floor too.

Mondo – The Only Love

One for the italo connoisseur as it may need an acquired taste to appreciate this records euro pop sensibility. There’s no doubt in how heavy the bass line and synth pads are but you might want to fantasise about the singer swallowing his microphone mid session and not being able to finish the record. Well you can! Flip for the instrumental B side, sit back and imagine that mic in the toilet covered in blood and shit!

Italian Stars – Pick Me Up 7” Version

Personally I have always preferred 12 inches rather than 7 inches. 12 inches fits better in my box. Don’t worry this is a record review not an homo erotic fantasy. The arrangement of this version is perfect for smashing up the dance floor. Horror synth intro, weighty drum break and then let the electro boogie funk jam ensue. Run quick enough and you might get this or the 12 inch longer version (Pictured) for only a few euros. I suspect it won’t stay that price for long though. Proper Boogie Belter

Steele Up – Waiting For You (Instrumental)

Another Italo number where the vocal keeps crossing the line of decency. But any true italo record will have its instrumental B side to save the day. All the evidence points to Italy having an abundance of amazing producers and snide vocalists throughout the golden era of 82 – 85. This instrumental showcases how good the productions were. It’s a confusing feeling stood next to a club speaker when this track is playing as the kick drum will punch a hole through your ribcage while the bass tickles your bollocks. Instant Party 

Red Laser and Full Beam Jizzmass Party Fri 7th Dec (Click Here)

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