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Wet Play - Where Good Friends Meet #1

There aint no doubt that Manchester is as consistent at producing quality music as Liverpool is at producing single mothers. Every decade new and innovative bands and producers spill out of Manchester’s underground into the wider world turning something local into worldwide awareness. Recently it’s been a city that has refused to succumb to an ever narrowing corporate pop sound and buying culture by doggedly tying itself to the mast to weather the storms of change of the last 5 or so years. Now our record shops are still standing and local labels flourishing in a new dawn of music independence and ideals. A testament to any city is its open minded mix of people with an instinctive urge to hear something different to the utter shite pouring from the pipes of mainstream TV and radio. This attitude of the people coupled with the surge in local cottage industry micro labels is resulting in fantastic party’s and club nights around the city based on sheer talent and the solid support from the right kind of people

Wet Play, one of Manchesters well established club nights and good friends, recently had the realisation that they weren’t just great DJ’s but also a bunch of well talented musicians, designers and drinkers and that something should be done about it!!  In steps Red Laser Records to assist with the first of the Wet Play “Where good friends meet” EP’s

Having a successful club night your bound to attract some top heads and the first EP is a mix of resident Ste Spandex’s work along with regular party goers Metrodome, Loge and Skanky Magic. 4 tracks of absolute boogie bump acid disco madness perfect for the dance floors at Wet Play and Red Laser Disco. The whole package is accompanied by designer and DJ Randy Marsh’s formidable artworks.

I was gonna type some spleil about each track but Wet Play resident Matt Ward aka Kickin Pidgeon already said everything I was going to say. Take it away Pidge!

First up is LOGE with 'E 180 Love' - a dazzling, hydraulic-

driven ride round west coast L.A come sunset. Keep those 

shades down low to reflect the neon beams this track fires 

from it's hardware driven body mechanics. Hear the fiery red

 sun melt into the square bass that simply repeats on and on....

Teleporting us straight into 5D is SKANKY MAGIC next 

with 'Skanky Magic'. Crazy use of spring reverbs, darting 

leads and anti-gravity sonics will have you bouncing all over 

inner space as you adjust to the hypnotic two-note buzz. 

Electric, mesmerizing and from another galaxy completely. 

It's blissful finale soaring through into the cosmos in a 

Technicolor haze.

METRODOME's '909 Lovin' is next. Precision built for 

setting dancefloors alight and with an arrangement that'll 

twist heads inside out. Just when you think this track's burnt 

out, another sick bassline sets the floor on fire again, 

accompanied by one of the maddest signature sounds since 

Terror Danjah;s gremlin. Pure Heat.

Finally we get Theo's Ugly edits and Jamal Moss's Members Only 

edits interpreted by a speed fuelled, level riding rogue from 

Manchester's underbelly. 'Edit 2 (2007 Version)' bumps and 

simmers uncontrollably, riding the sample like a bitch before 

dropping into tripped-out celestial disco chaos. If you thought only 

the Detroit and Chicago cats knew how to fuck an MPC hard, then 

STE SPANDEX has just brought home the bacon.

Thanks Marsh..... So there you have it. Great things are happening 

and the Wet Play lads are right in the thick of it. Not only is 

"Where Good Friends Meet #1" available Monday you can also 

come and see for yourself the full on madness of a Wet Play party 

happening on August 3rd at Kraak Gallery in Manchester's 

Northern Quarter. Ste Spandex will be dropping his live set which 

will be an absolute assault on the senses. Randy Marsh's social 

boogie jam Full Beam and its crew will be smashing out the cream 

of underground boogie. No Doubt Pidge will be Kickin as per. And i 

have had the honour of being asked to dig deep into the vinyl 

collection to take you on a journey from 12 - 1pm through the astral 

gridlined plains of my Red Laser World. 

Expect shit you aint heard before that will stay with you forever. 

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