Monday, 31 March 2014

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Fuck me it’s been a while since the last post. To be honest my head has been wedged firmly up my arse over the last few months. Mainly because of my actual full time job. Yes that’s right, I’ve got a fukin job ya know. If your living the hipster dream, runnin around in arty circles, lookin for an independent gallery owner to befriend to complete your collection of musos, you may assume that peeps who run record labels or promote parties are jobless trendsetters that get by on DJ gigs, clothing endorsements and free nights out on the piss. Well think again. Many do this shit as a hobby because we can’t control our passion for music. And many, like me, have children. So if you’re reading this and in your mid 20’s with a plan to run a label or release records, with no bird, no kids, no mortgage and a trendy bar job, now is the perfect time. If you have had this plan for the last year or 2 but you still haven’t done shit about it (digital dont count) then pull your finger out from up your fuking anus, stop watching endless shite on TV, stop hanging out with turds and learn to like being in your own company for at least 30 mins.

 Anyway back to the point…. Yeah mi job went nuts. Lots of process work (See example below. Done a nice ‘Releasing Records’ swim lane process diagram) lots of travelling around the country (Gail force winds flight into Exeter was interesting. Like a fukin 20 minute rollercoaster ride. The woman next to me on the flight grabbed me that tight I felt violated. Slag).

Also had a mental trip to Berlin with the lads for my mate Kershaws’s stag do. That took a week of recovery. Returning mentally unstable saw me crying into my baked beans as they cooked in the pan while listening to Bill Withers albums.  As holidays go it was a belter with the highlight being Prosumer at the unbelievable STATBAAD in the Berlin suburb of Wedding. A club in a 60’s built swimming baths. A maze of eerily lit pipes and cogs, dancing next to large boiler tanks and the back room part tall and thin, part wide and low. Unbelievable what those spoilt fukers in Berlin can get away with when it comes to opening times and venue locations. Also we managed to go and see Manchester fave Ruf Dug. He must have been like “What the fuck!!”, as not one, but two stag do’s turned up at the 150 capacity club. A third of the capacity was lads from Manchester ha ha. TOTAL WIDGE FEST!!!!!!! LENGTH CONVENTION!!!!!! Girls would walk in and walk out. Onlookers tried to make sense of all the Monkey walking and why 50 guys were determined to dance there arses off without removing their coats! MANCS ON TOUR!!!!!!!!!

Regardless of the above distractions the cogs of Red Laser Have been slowly turning in the background to bring us imminent parties and vinyl releases. First up

Red Laser Disco – Roadhouse Manchester – Friday 

First party in a while and ive managed to bag some heavyweight DJ’s. Ali Renault playing Manchester for the first time in ages. He’s been around for yonks but recently his Vivod label has released some of my favourite music in years. He is a fantastic DJ too with years in the game. Very excited about this. Also The legend that is Richard Gatauex aka Phoreski. Phoreski has killed it in the DJ stakes. Most underated DJ you will ever see. He’s released vinyls that never leave my record box. Propa legend. Not only that me, Starion and Pete Mangalore get to waggle our wax so it’s a full on programme. PLUS PLUS PLUS We are turning the roadhouse into a visual extravaganza with Blane of Northern Devolution creating a visual onslaught. I am going to town on this fuker yo. No expense spared and all for a fiver.

Tickets are selling so click on the skiddle link above. 

Also look out for the first Red Laser Releases of the year end of April with a double album of rare and amazing Italian Disco Gems, Starion’s debut EP, Red Laser EP6, Red Laser EP7, Ste Spandex EP2 and a  Silverclub EP. More on this shit later

If you have been looking for a post then sorry for the delay in the blog scenes. More blogging soon including Wine Reviews 2, Whiskey Reviews, more top trumps and Readers Wave Forms - sexy wave forms from the computer or MPC trim screen. (send pictures of your sexiest wave forms to

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