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First Red Laser Disco of 2015 and Wines 3

Well it’s been too long since I last wrote anything other than the Red Laser pledge to the shareholders (As seen on the back of Feb 6th event flyer below). In fact the last blog post was wrote on 16th September!! In Septembers post I had promised a selection of blog posts and completed zero. 

Matt Ward you were In your right to call me a ‘Fukin fraud’ for not delivering (as promised) the xmas booze review special so I’m doing it in today’s post to comfort all those who were relying on me for clear choices when deciding on their festive grog selection.  Readdressing your retox with alcoholic harmony is only a paragraph away winos so read the fuck on.

 First of all let’s talk about the real reason for the inspiration to write again. Me and label partner Matt Triggs decided we should really ramp up the quality and amount of releases in 2015 and we set about getting the ball rollin. LP 2 is in production and Ste Spandex EP2 and EP7 ready to release. There are a few more artists twelves and EP’s to follow those so it made sense that we needed up get the Red Laser Disco party upgraded so to provide a stage for the roster in Manchester. As part of this upgrade we added to the team fellow bulb whisperers Randall Marsh and Sonofapizzaman and I formally congratulate them with their successful applications. 

The first Red Laser Disco meeting with the new team went well. It started with some cautious brainstorming, we then got excited about some solid ideas, got slightly scared about the effort and cost and finally settled on something stressfully back breaking, divorce inducing and financially impossible. I’ll be lucky to still have a bird at the end of this one. Why? Because in a short space of time we are building a club inside a club. Yeah check that shit. To make this happen we have been working through a list of jobs bigger than Harold Shipmans death list so expect professional execution (No pun intended), slick production and attention to detail followed by wreckless intoxication (Except Marsh who’s up the next day on club clearing duty).

 So what is going on inside our club inside a club. STARION FUKIN LIVE thats what!! Starion the italo electro boogie jam meister finally lays down a live show on home turf. After getting some live debut practice at the Magic Waves winter festival in Berlin he is ready to obliterate Bangkok (Bar) in Manchester. All his Red Laser material will be going down freestyle gees. Also; ‘Come witness a galactic cat scrap’ as the social services boogie queen Ladybeige takes on a couple o the Disco Mums in a cosmic slam down. If you’re lucky they’ll all be ‘on’ at the same time just to ramp up the scrapage factor and if were really lucky it will be a full moon too!! Heat like this is sure to rip the fabric of space and time so pack your reverse thrusters for a quick getaway if you find yourself the target of an underserved face melting rant.

Who else is melting faces on the night? – Il Bosco (Yeah that’s me), Randall Marsh and Sonofapizzman.  CLICK HERE for our own event tickets (buy local) or HERE for the Skiddle version. Tickets are also available in physical form from Piccadilly Records Manchester.

Before I start the wines selection I must say theres been a wealth of great imagery, seen throughout this blog post, on Red Laser Disco facebook page throughout 2014  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) and a special shout out goes out to Aaron Fitzgerald who I now officially crown ‘Red Laser Disco Image Digger Of 2014’. Congratulations dude..

 Right so here’s what I been drinkin

Cal Pla – Priorat – Spain  2012

 Straight in with a fukin belter this was a Christmas prezzy from mi Mam. Salford has come a long way over the years. Mum lives round the corner from the notorious Langworthy Road, a once post-apocalyptic playground for violent crims and street rats. However It now bustles with restaurants and wine shops in the shadow of Media City, a 500 million pound play centre for television lovies and thier bum chums who have driven the demand for middle class food halls to quench the demands of their lifestyle upgrades. Mum always made the best of her brazen social skills and so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had a good inside hook up at the local Booths cos this wine was showbiz class. A lovely Spanish Red from the Catalan region of Priorat the area known for its enriched mountain soils and relentless sunshine. These 10 year Garnacha and Carnena vines combine to create a mystically deep almost black cherry red that caramalises at the edges. On the palate the deep colour is confirmed as you can predict via rich jammy red fruits, ripe and sweet with a smidging of metallic ox blood. No sharpness on the tongue ramp this gem up the quaff-o-meter toward the ‘piss the bed zone’ Verdict - El Toro personified

Meinklang - Burgenland - Switzerland

Switzer-fukin-land!!! Wine!! Well yeah makes sense really. They got the money, they got the altitude, they got the soil, they may even have the sunshine thru the summer and, lets be honest, they aint got anythin better to do than move decimals and fix clocks. The swiss winemakers must be yodelling all the way to the bank with this 10 outa 10 cracker gee. Sexy looker, clean, clear and bright in the glass. Like a synthetic fruit drink in corrugated clear plastic cartons. After a good ogle of its form I emptied my lungs, plunged my conk in the glass and took a deep breath. My nose filled morning dew, dainty mountain flowers and freshly washed lederhosen. The light spin around my mouth wrapped my taste buds in strawberries and cream and it got better with every glass so big thanks to Sam at 8th Day in Manchester for bringing this to the party. This went really well with cold turkey and stuffing butty’s Verdict – A Sublime Alpine Wine

Marques De Valido Rioja Reserve

OLA!!! We’re back in Spain!!  Spain is everything you want in a country (except for its passion for a recession) and without a doubt Spain is one of my favourite places to visit out of anywhere in Europe being home to one of the new seven wonders of the modern world, the 24 hour Only Fools And Horses Restaurant on the Costa Del Sol.  This wine is from a different part of Spain, real Spain to be exact. Right in the north in the Rioja Alavesa Region. Although this world reknown area is drenched in the pride of its admirable winemaking history it is full of actual Spanish people and not members of far right bulb factory 'Britian First'  having a break in the sun (Weird!!)... Despite Spains ressesion adiction wine production remains a strong export and not surprising due to examples like this being widely available at great prices on supermarket shelves in the UK. The Tempranillo grapes in this nectar create aromas of sweet berries simmering in vanilla. It rains cherries and liquorice on the palate and has an earthy old oak decay in the outro. Goes really well with a small salad presented on a minced beef patty separated by a cheese slice between a bready bun from a gaff called maccy’s.

Casale Di Valle Chianti – Chianti –  Italy

Italy – I’m home. You cant beat Italy for wine, music and paradoxical evil in the name of Christianity. Lets forget about the last bit and hone in on how good the wine is. When you get a good Chianti you cant get a better wine anywhere. They just encapsulate all that’s great about Italy. Sexy, dark, flowing, luscious, leggy, brazen, cocky and homoerotic all in a bottle. Just how I like my men. Only jokin. I’ve actually tried to fancy men but figured out quickly I’m definitely straight after trying to imagine sucking a dick. I didnt like it. Any back to this wine. Visually and on the nose its blingin the Ruby jewels with a big berry perfume. On the palate the fuker splashes rasberries and pepper across the tongue with a long finish and great legs that work the glass like a catwalk model. This is a fukin feisty mare so buy double cos your defo want more when its gone

Maynard’s 30 year aged Tawney Port

 So this aint exactly  wine but it is a fortified wine so that counts and means I can talk about it. Last year was the first time I got into Porto. This year I went back to Aldi to purchase this absolute belting ruin. I could easily end up living on a park bench if I could get my hands in this every day of the week. Fuck me it was like collecting everything good about Christmas and distilling it into liquid gold. I pretty much did half the bottle to myself and have had to hold back from going back in to purchase another bottle. Port is so much more complex than wine. The Nose was a so deep it turned my brain into pudding. On the palate it was thick and creamy with so many notes bouncing around like an orchestral masterpiece. Notes of oak, leather, currents, sour cherries, dates, orange peel, lemon, leather, tobacco, liquorice caramel, and on and on. My mouth is watering on to my laptop as I type. Christmas could not come sooner so I have an excuse to spend another 50 quid on a bottle of pure happiness. Also came presented in this amazing ‘ships decanter’ as informed at dinner by Captain Mike. Respect to our sailors for solvin that one. “Fuck the iceburg what about this constant booze spillage problem” – So good it’s now a yearly tradition (plans are afoot to make it quarterly) in the Bosco Bodega.

Hope that filled a gap left before crimbo. Don’t forget to purchase yo tickets for Red Laser Disco on Feb 6th here as they always sell fast and £8 now is better than £10 on the door (For you. That’s actually better for us) (CLICK HERE) for the tickets and info


Il Bosco

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