Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Wall 2, EP7 and Spandex 2

If you hadn’t noticed (Our Mrs well noticed) we spent most of Feb building a mega structure in the Red Laser Disco club venue. At the conception Me, Sonofapizzaman and Randal Marsh realised immediately this would be the hardest thing we would ever do regarding a club event and proceeded in the determination we were actually doing something different. Not to book a massive DJ name to get bums on seats. Actually create to attract. We agreed no matter the effort and cost, if it was dead we’d be content in the fact that we gave it our all. 

The wall on the night. Visual heaven

Well it wasn’t fukin busy and we lost loads of doe “aaaarrrgghhh” but the 120 people that were there, every single one of them, had their head blown off. We stood in front of the wall, soaking up the mega structure and tranced out at the immense visual deluge knowing we had lost doe laughing out loud shouting repeatedly “Look at that wall gee!” and “Best 400 quid I ever spent!”. The following day a little worse for wear, we went back in the venue to dismantle the bastard. Crane, the venue owner, was less arsed than we were about the numbers. He was still buzzin about the visuials! “I believe in anyone who puts that much effort and passion into what they do”. That statement from him made the decision easy. WE DOIN IT ALL AGAIN (Idiots)!!!  So on Good Friday April 3rd the wall is being rebuilt and we goin in hard with Ruf Dug, Kid Machine LIVE, Dave Owen, me (Il Bosco), Randal Marsh and Sonofapizzman.
Please support your local gees. We on the recoup init. Red Laser Corp shares need a boost
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Artwork for Red Laser EP7

In true Red Laser style it takes us a while to get the machine oiled and fired up after the Christmas burnout and finally after a 4 month gappage we have the first release of 15. EP7 has been in the pipeline for a while with all 3 tracks doin the rounds on soundcloud and via test pressings given to a lucky few so we have had the pleasure of hearing them destroy some of Manchesters finest club nights. It’s a full on Manchester affair of youth versus early middle age.

In the red corner Metrodome - Mondo

The executive teen from the ghettos of the M15 has the refined taste of a music sage beyond his years. His EP7 jam is fukin mint. Recently I get a lot of emails from labels selling there artists and tracks. To be honest it grates on me like the hard sell in any situation so im gonna go easy with the imagery drenched diatribe. Whatever I write about it, the acid test is when you bowl up to a DJ an ask “What the fuck is this?” I they reply “Mondo”.

The slightly older Kid Machine – Wheels of Fury

Habitant of Manchester’s largest estate Wythenshawe, has given the label my favourite track from any of his productions to date. Me and Red Laser resident DJ Sonofapizzman have been smashing this one to death and dancing like mongs.

Si-Fi systems The youthful Dan Wainright and the considerably older Chris Massey – Explore Your Mind

Young and ‘not so old’ create a slick analogue chugger with fizzy acid qualities. Chris Massey is no stranger to Red Laser releasing the belting The Trunk with Italian producer DJ Rocca on EP5. This collab with Dan sees that same distinctive chug and production value as before.

Due to a recent job change and doin mi exams I missed promoting the EP7 special riso print artwork version when the pre orders went up. Finally I get round to it and they have nearly all gone already!! 250 Red Laser house bag sleeve versions will be available very soon in many of the usual independent shops.

Also on the Horizon Ste Spandex’s EP2 finally gets released. Watch out for it in all the shops that usually stock Red Laser. Feels great to listen to Ste’s completely unique style on wax again. I aint hard sellin this. I don’t need to. It’s the breath of fresh air I needed right now.  Spandex’s music is perfect for deep thinkers so if you don’t think very much about anything other than the shit that’s spoonfed to you by popular radio don’t bother. Gotta say Ste cracked me up the other week when I saw the artwork for the first time . “The paper I got the prints on is mint” “Rip proof gee.” “Check this” and ripped the corner off the fucker ha ha mint. Spandex Poweeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… By the way Ste did you know Spandex is an anagram of expands?

Bosco and Spandex around Red Laser Records birth 2012

Below is a picture of Spandex’s recent project. Two 90 minute tapes announcing a “No Vinyl Mixtape” had me buzzin and thinkin “Wish I’d a thought of that” So im currently making a no music mixtape and hoping to release it on Cerberus Industries. Will send soon Ste. All tracks on this mixtapes are Ste’s creations. Listening from start to finish will take you on an inspiring journey with moments of darkness, un-ease, industry, documentary, techno and outright euro laser disco. Pick em up here quick ""CLICK HERE"

See you in front of the wall

Il Bosco

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