Thursday, 29 November 2012

Writing can be uplifting

A few months ago Red Laser designer in chief and resident boogie jammer Bob Dazzle was putting together the next edition of his sporadic fashion rag 'PickaPost' for mega respected Manchester clothing Juggernaut OiPolloi and asked me to contribute due to the abundant Italian related content within so i smashed out the below reviews of a small selection of some of my favourite Italo related vinyls. Apparently someone at GQ mag emailed their delight at my 'Skallygonzo' style of journalism. It could have been the CEO or the receptionist i'm not sure but that'l fukin do me  

Italo Disco is a genre that, when the surface is scratched, could take a lifetime to collect. Personally i have always been into a lot different styles and collect early 90's break hardcore and old skool, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Library, Film Scores (Especially electronic and 80's horror), late 70's New Wave and reggae among other bits n bobs so this is just some of my favorite from my collection at its finest 

Nite Lite – Young Men

At Red Laser Disco we are all about paradoxes. Retro Future, Gay Sinister and top knob heads. Young Men has got this ethos encapsulated on vinyl. If you play the vocal version you may find your rectum imploding as the saccharin lyrics drive you up the cringe-o-meter. But when you flip it for the instrumental and pitch the fucker right down it’s a pure thud, blip, squelch, 
electro boogie, grid melter.

Fockewulf 190 – Gitano

Ultimate Italo goth-synth disco destroyer. If Analogothic was a scene this would be its anthem. The band look like extras from 80’s horror flick ‘The Hunger’. It’s sometimes hard to tell if the lead singers belching  vocals are in English or Italian and it don’t even matter. Highly prized in Italo circles. Unfortunatly not so revered in Salford

Kid Machine – Replicants E.P

NeoItalo leader Kid Machine has got Italo circles around Europe wiping the jizz off their bulbs with this beat heavy, dark wave, dance floor obliterator. Where is this producer of anthemic, ‘film score electro’ based I hear you cry? Berlin? Barcelona? Maybe the Dam? What about Paris even?..... WRONG.. The man’s in Wythenshaw mate. Manchester. And you better be careful stood round there with your autograph book ar kid

Evo – Din Don

Ahhh that’s better. The jolly side of Italo Disco. This electro pop rarity has some great Synth Bass production and laser lead jazz wanking at its finest. It is sweetly addictive and mega danceable and became my instant guilty pleasure amongst all the macho horror core flavours that have pulled me deep to into the bossom of 80’s Italo Disco. Only £300.00 for a 12 inch!! Time to rob your Nana

Kermesse – Mrs Moon

New Romantic edged synth bomb with a bass line that bounces like a rubber ball made from a melted down Casio. Similar vocal style to Fockewulf but sounds more like the voice is actually coming from the guys mouth rather than a bum hole with a ‘40 cigs a day’ smoking habit. Great dubbed out section in the middle is perfect for hash consumption. Mad rare too

Hypnotic Samba – Hypnotic Samba

The cruelly discarded brother of My Mines Hypnotic Tango, Hypnotic Samba bitterly twats any of its siblings followers on introduction. While Tango bubbles with trance like euphoria Hypnotic Samba delivers it’s stripped down analogue boot right to your bollocks with only brief rest bites of cheesy chorus to bring you out of the dark. Essential and cheap re issue available

Bandido’s Gang – Dance With Bandido’s Gang

What!! You say. People are making this genre today!!!  You better believe it baby and Cyberdance are leading the game in the UK. It must be hard being a label in London and keeping total bulb sniffs from jumping on your scene but these guys have managed it. This twelve is the bomb. My advise though. Stick Flemming Dalum's remix of Marinche on, pitch it down a few notches and kick back for an immense electronic chug disco experience

Black Angel – Change an Angel

Less ‘cold synth’ and more ‘disco heat’ with this belter on Il Discotto. Any half decent DJ knows if you get the girls dancing and the lads will follow. Me, I like to get the girls dancing and to see the lads fuck off. This is the right track for getting rid of testosterone fuelled bell ends. Its camp disco chug is un-digestible to most blokes and will have girls spinning on the floor. Fantastic stuff

Amnesie with the Nicolosi Family – Turas (Instrumental)

Nice beat ya cool. Heavy intro ya loving it. Then the bass line kicks like a trigger happy gangster with 8-bit Tommy Gun . It’s hard to imagine that this record will turn into an all out anthemic disco anthem with soaring vocals and slap bass guitar licks. I call it my lesbian magnet. Every time I play this record I end up surrounded gay women. A mix of camp and sinister at its finest. Mega Essential 

Il Bosco

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