Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ste Spandex EP1

To say Ste Spandex is a talented creative is a fukin understatement. To say he likes a drink is a fukin understatement as well. I remember we stayed up all night drinking after a club until the sun came up. Me and the Mrs went to bed about 10am and Ste fell asleep on the grass in my back garden. When I came back down in the afternoon and opened the door into the sun drenched enclave Ste woke up suddenly and grabbed a beer from the bag next to him, cracked it open and took a swig before even acknowledging my presence. Respec!

Most peeps would be like “Well that’s all I need to know gee!” but he is equally as talented at music production as he is at instinctively consuming tinny’s.

Ste has been developing his production style over the last few years and is unique among producers I know. He wasn’t happy just sat in front of a computer. What works for Ste is an interactive workspace.  He has an understanding about the space in which you create can have an effect on what you create and he has found his own way by amassing all kinds of hardware resulting in a unique studio setup. A place where he can move and dance while twisting knobs and sliding channels, punching drum pads and playing synths with his feet. Even more special is the tracks are live takes! Capturing the moment and making any mistakes actually part of the finished track while recording on to VHS instead of a computer is the reason why you will not hear anything that sounds similar in music production right now.

His studio takes over most of his large bedroom / living space which means he lives, breathes and sleeps music.  It’s a comforting and interesting place. Well that’s when the walls aren’t flashing in a 2CB induced hallucinogenic nightmare, but sober it’s a place you can hang out comfortably for 24 hours and as a result Spandex is now producing music at an alarming rate and we have three EP’s including this one scheduled over the coming months. Not only that he is responsible for the whole process including the artwork and design so this series of Ste Spandex EP’s is a true artistic showcase by a multi talented creative.

Ste Spandex EP1

A1 - Big fat tuck

A fantastical electro journey jam that takes you by the antenna and launches you high above the disco grid for a bird’s-eye view of the party below. In true Spandex style Heavy synths and acidic percussion drive the disco but somehow this track still keeps you feeling warm with its soulful endeavour. Anyway, enough of the bullshit poetic imagery, this is a fukin cracker of a track. No shit!

A2 - Beatin my time

It’s an analogue chug bomb! This simmering synth soup bubbles erratically until it finds its four four stride and marches you onto the dance floor. Great low slung base and south central LA synth lead will have you reaching for the hydraulics in your imaginary soft top Cadillac… with the metallic paint job and the nice rims Gee……  A fantastic sunset boogie jam!

B1 - Piano V.2

As far as anthems go you can’t get more anthemic house than this right now. This manctalo piano house belter is sure to blow the roof off any and every decent party this year. You can already feel the Mediterranean sun on your face seconds into its phasing piano hook. It’s as catchy as the nuro virus but with added “SICK”! In fact it’s so sick its Bulimic Gee! This big dose of early 90’s tinged rave classicism will keep you smiling for the full eight minutes and with sore cheeks as a result. Do not miss!#

Il Bosco

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