Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sucker For Italian Beauties

Recently i have been submerged in lots of 80's Boogie records and started to miss the soulful more naive new romantic structure that gives italo its distinct style. So i had a session in the studio to myself and indulged in lots of Adriatic synth wankery. The following are some of the records that really pulled my pud during that late night crate dig

Nemesy – Nemesy LP

ITALO HOLY GRAIL. One of the most sought after albums without a doubt. Reason? Its fukin really good.  I actually bought this for the track ‘24 hours’ but the whole album is brillo. 24 Hours is a beautiful sunset beach of a tune but the production is fantastic on the whole LP and the tracks combine warm 80’s Adriatic disco, phat analogue synth work and soulful naivety to make the perfect summer Italo album. A MUST OWN PIECE. If you’re struggling to find or afford the LP go for the 12” of 24 Hours which has a different version to the album but nearly its equal and is only around £70.00! Suck a few cocks and it’s yours Gee!! Suck 300 cocks and you might be able to afford the album!

Mac Jr – Elephant Song (Instrumental)

Twinkling electro chugger on the classic ‘Disco Magic’ label. The sharp apreggiated synth sounds leap like sparks and are perfect for getting a fire started on the dance floor. Just as your asking “Where is the un-sophisticated element that makes Italo what it is?” In come the synthesised elephant noises!  FUKINWIERD! But brilliant

Esavu - Spelling love (Instrumental)

Sinister graveyard disco bassline. Undead party time ar kid. Bizarrely the instrumental has more lyrics than the vocal! (More likely a printing error).  Does what really good italo does best. Mixes darkness and hope into a bubbling potion that’s initially hard to swallow but you will be glad you did after you let go of what your rules are regarding music. Long stretches of brilliant minimal chug is broken by a typical Italo chorus that drops back straight into where you want it to be. A fantastic cocktail of electronic life and death. “Down in one! Down in one! Down in one!“

Sylvi Foster – Hookey

Dark bulimic euro bizznizz. Evil, Sick and Bad Bad Fukin Bad! Jeeeesus this is soooooooooo Gooooooooood! Cant believe this wasn’t a dark crossover hit. The fantastic dirty bass line, the clean complimentary synth chords and that pop oriented chanting makes for an addictive heady concoction. This seven minute audio crack binge will leave that moorish synthetic taste in your mouth. Cheap and addictive just like the afore mentioned drug

Model 11-29 - Wot Times (Instrumental)

Winner of the cosmic electro smash boogie trophy. If Juan Atkins got Nile Rogers pregnant this is what the doctor would hear through the stethoscope when checking the un-born disco bump. Its mellow techno and disco bass balance each other perfectly resulting in a track that is equally at home in the disco or the chill out zone.  “Shut it Bosco and summarise you waffling cock”. Lasers and Lava Lamps gee! Lasers and Lava Lamps

The Armed Gang – Love Shot

KAPOW! Boogie fans will cream their duds on the first listen no doubt. This is one of the heaviest boogie records around and the original fetches big money between dealers and collectors. The production is second to none as is standard from the brilliant Musix label responsible for the amazing and previously Red Laser reviewed Nite Lite and Wot Times. This spoonful of soulful, warm and squelchy audio sex will be enough to trick your bits into arousal. Hard on’s for the boys and wide on’s for the gals. Cosmic quickie fuck. Had to put the album shot in there too cos the artwork is fukin buzzin

Danny Keith – Keep on Music (Dub)

So simple it’s like a disco retard! The quality of production and the arrangement are the elements that make this track amazing. It really shows off music that can rock a floor with only a few parts making up the track. Its shit like this that makes idiots think making music is easy. To do something so simple and effective is what most producers strive to achieve and only few can execute. Great dance floor builder.

Ghecko Firelight – (Intrumental)

The crystaline intro is completely shattered apart when that super heavy bassline kicks in. This has a great New Romantic feel to it. As with most italo records the vocal side stinks of cheese but the instrumental version is punctuated with just the right amount of catchy camp vocals to make this a classic Italo track. There’s a top re-edit out there by Red Laser man Flemming Dalum too and at a great price so run quick before the dealers bleed your Pay Pal account via a ridiculous re-evaluation.

Il Bosco

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