Friday, 19 April 2013

Red Laser BBQ 3

If, like me,  your into chattin shit and dancing to amazing music you aint heard before at a party there will be a few factors that will make the soiree that extra bit special. Quality sound system. Nice mix of positive, up for it people and great DJ’s really help the whole vibe but then add the whole head fuck of  being in a brilliant and unusual place at the same time! YES! That always really enhances the experience. This is when you feel “Wow! This is something special”

Being in the courtyard of Kro for the last 2 Red Laser BBQ’s I bet the majority of the DJ’s and dancers had this thought cos I fukin did. I’ll tell ya straight and you can ask my missus Emma cos she’ll tell ya as well we made fuck all on the last one and Emma had to endure an agitated promo knob for two months. But the event was such good fun me and Matt are doin it all again.  Some good news is Luke Murray is in for the ride as well relieving some of the stress which will now be distributed between 3 instead of 2 middle aged burnt out party heads. To be honest we could get a sound system half the size and cash in some nice profit but fuck that, the set-up is a DJ’s dream and it makes the BBQ a shit hot party to play at. If the DJ is buzzin ya gonna get the best of him or her. So imagine getting the best of Will Tramp, Ste Spandex, Moonboots, Jason Boardman, Wes Cutloose, Geoff Leopard and El Dee, Randy Marsh, The Disco Mums, Mikey Donn, Johnny Ab Stract and myself Il Bosco all in one fuck off intimate outdoor underground sophisticated mash up.

For the BBQ3 out go El Diablos as unfortunately they have their Birthday Bash on the same night with a cracking guest. And also Back To Basics who I will be convincing to return for the August BBQ. Instead in comes

Night The Living Dread DJ Mikey Donn – FUKIN LEGEND.  Most people know Mikey as a Reggae expert and selector / DJ but people like me who have known him a long time know he’s been collecting all kinds for years and can easily kill any other DJ with Disco, Boogie and all other kinds of Red Laser related shizzle. He’s a brilliant DJ full stop.

The Last Waltz lads in Newcastle run a night called DADA. I have been a few times and it was fukin brillos everytime. These nuts can go allllllllll night gee. Suppose its in the genes if your born in the North East! They always play music I never heard that keeps me dancing . I have to refrain from constantly mithering the fuckers “Whats This fukin track ar kid??” They are smashing it with their music productions and Last Waltz record label as well releasing on various other underground labels including Tusk and Futureboogie

Bohemian Grove is defo doin something amazing in Manchester right now and resident DJ Johnny Abstract has been an inspiration to Manchester DJ’s for years. Experienced, talented and understated he’s definitely one of Manchester’s most influential and underrated DJ’s. He will be sourcing from a vast collection of Detroit and Chicago house, techno and a world of other dance music from all over the globe. A real pleasure to get this guy and Bohemian Grove involved.

And the rest of the lineup is the same as last time. All back to smash it up!!!!

Wear dark shades to look at Spandex’s garb and someone monitor the amount of Guinness Kwasi throws down his neck! 

See ya down the front Kids! Bank Holiday Sunday May 26th Kro 1 Oxford Road
Il Bosco

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