Sunday, 22 September 2013

Party's and Records

Not done the whole record review thing for a while so its defo time to talk about some more rare and special synth orientated vinyl’s in a Skally Gonzo styleeeeeeeeeee. Also we got a propa cyber music extravaganza happening with some of the finest live acts including Silverclub who are one of Manchester’smost respected and long running synth bands, Tommy Walker 3 from the quality and respected Cyberdance label (Big ups to Ali Renault and Casionova)and Red Lasers own Ste Spandex the VHS hoarder / unique production talent. DJ support comes in the form of Me (Il Bosco), Pete Mangalore of Space Docking and Faktion who was recently abducted and replaced with a humanoid version of himself and the Disco Mums who are available as none of em are up the duff again as yet. For event details "CLICK HERE"

Before I start the vinyl bizznizz theres a couple of things I wanna mention. First I need to talk about Severo Lombardoni. 

(One of the many Disco Magic Logo's. I like this one cos it looks like the print you used to get on acid tabs)

Lombardoni was a DJ and producer and the man behind the huge Italian Label and distributer (And I mean massive and amazing) Disco Magic Records. This guy is partly responsible for pretty much every big Italian record ever made. He died last year there was little reaction due to his anonymity outside of the Italo Disco world. This is an official R.I P from Red Laser HQ.



Next is a radio show that has to be checked. Every Saturday at midnight Manchester Soul and Boogie legend Andy Madhatter does a 2 hour music show of absolute quality which goes out live on 90.1 Peace FM. The recordings are available on Mixcloud and are not to be missed. Andy has been researching and collecting for years before I could even wipe my own arse and as a result his selections are of the highest standards and always an education. Click "HERE" For fukin loads of ace live recorded shows

So after diving into the snatch of the Red Laser vaults and having a good rummage I found some Gems that I instantly wanted to talk about. Here goes

Helen – Witch

Some Italo records really do blow my fukin bollocks off! This four four electro chest pumper released first on OUT records in 1983 then ZYX later that same year is something altogether unworldly. At the same time as Cybertron were making Clear, on the other side of the world a Mr Regazzoni was in his studio making what i consider the Italian version of the foundations of Electro / Electronic Pop. Yet Witch has gone without a jot of recognition for how ahead of its time it was and still is. There’s only one problem with this record. It costs a fortune! However you can get a pricey bootleg on the Dutch ‘Safety copy’ series. Run fast as it’s well worth the money. Just to finish, on the sleave notes the man Severo Lombardoni gets a production credit. Fukin dude. Stuck it on this Mixtape. Click on the Blue text - MDD MIX 089 . mixed By Il Bosco

 Ricardo Cioni – Fog

Yes! Analog drug soup is back on the menu! The production on this electro chugger is amazing. The track is so moody its long intro simmers until its depths reveal synthy chunks swirling upward from the deep and eventually they twist and dance in the discoid liquid. My greedy brain devours it all. I can’t get enough of this beautiful stuff. I project modular regurgitation into a wet neon lit gutter. I end up masturbating in the back of the police van. Bulimic music for not rights

 Motion – You and I

I remember being mesmerised by the synthetic warm feeling I would get from staring my nanas electro blag fireplace. The plastic mould of logs and ash with the red light bulbs inside that when heated turned the silver fans to create that trippy slow flicker effect.  This album only track is the musical equivalent of synthetic warmth. Its a crackling analogue boogie ballad thats great for getting the man made warm feeling (Warning! homo erotic inner gay coming out via creative writing). It’s sweet enough to get the ladies humming along yet weird and raw enough to keep the beards happy too.  The album "Gotta Keep Dancin" only ever seems to have ever been released by the Dutch re-issue label Rams Horn. ZYX and Rams Horn did put out original artists as well so i suppose its not much of a suprise that its only available here. Worth a few bob these days

 Hit Man - Future Times

Holy SHIT!!! Grab your phazers and run for the hills! Here comes the low slung analog boogie monster dragging its knuckles and kicking cans down Flick Bass Avenue.  The beats on this track are heavyweight which only add to the imagery of a dark and ever progressing beast. It is futuristic, murky and atmospheric like a light based art installation in a fembots vulva. Dank! For me personally, it’s the best track to come out of the exceptional Philly World Records. Real deal slo mo disco right here. 

 Placebo – Balek

Another album only cut. You can’t test this track for gravity. It’s got so much it would crush your instruments to the size of a photon. This shit was made in 1973!! And what’s more by a bunch of flakey white dudes in Belgium!!! Sometimes the facts behind a brilliant track can just enhance the magic. I never get bored of listening to this and the intro is possibly one of my favourites. Marc Moulin and his boys were an avant gard local weirdo movement that managed to break from the freeform traditions of Jazz and go steady, simple and subtle to create some of the best fusion music ever and Balek is the cream of their efforts. Legendary and ahead of its time by years

 Upfront – Infactuation (DuB)

Sometimes you just gotta get up and dance like a robot that’s on a magnesium binge. Its almost like the disco crashed but the result was so good it didn’t need a re-boot. Upfront kicked a forgettable A side vocal but made the right decision in making a dub version. This to me sounds timeless. Its simple electro house party vibe is perfect for bouncing the disco and when that piano kicks in toward the end it really takes it into orbit. Motherfukers gonna need an oil change after listening to this bastard Im tellin ya. Burns just as bright as the magnesium me and R2Gee2 were smoking last night. Peace!

 Starion – Another Dimension

The track that Starion gave me for Red Laser EP1. When I hear it It feels like some shit is about to go off in a neon cyber city somewhere. Part robot part human is readying himself for some racist abuse by prejudice robot purists in a world where anyone with flesh is persecuted by being made to stand up on monorail journeys and use ‘Humanoid only’ toilets as urinal biscuits can annoyingly erode the titanium skins the robot oppressors. If our mutant hero aint careful he could find himself hanging from a pressure vessel outlet vent like shoes on a telephone wire. Its tense, electronic and downright magical. Face melt factor 10

Necleus – Teknology

80’s electro odd balls Nucleus were leaders of the scene back in the early 80’s. They created Jam On It, which is a stone cold classic without a doubt, but some of their album only tracks are fantastic. This stripped down instrumental off their second album Space Is The Place is a mellow dancefloor cracker.  It’s a trippy electronic meltdown of synth pads and beats and stands the test of time because of its fantastic production and 80’s sci fi ethos. Quality retro bizznizz

 Flexxy – Ball Theme

Im a real sucker for those New Romantic Italo tracks. The ones that have really camp moments that have your bum hole body popping induced by awkward cringing. These are the sounds of Italo that Italo lovers embrace and Italo likers turn off. As with a lot of Italo records the vocal is just too ridiculous to ever play or take seriously. What the fuck were these people thinking! Too coked up to give a fuck I guess. But in true Italo fashion we are given the instrumental B-Side. The music and production is fantastic and is proper disco tackle. Pastel pink chinos, white shirt, powder blue suit jacket and white loafers (no socks obvs) at the ready. We going to Rimini you turds :D

Finally i was asked to do a mixtape for Italian DJ Blog Mischio Dischi I stuck loads of New Red Laser Records stuff that is unreleased plus loads of ace and rare italo and comsic shit. CLICK HERE for a good old listen

Anyways i gotta jet. Shit to do and all


Il Bosco


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