Wednesday, 21 November 2012

December Gathering

In the not to distant future we have our December party. This will be a joint affair with Manchester’s Full Beam crew. Full Beam is a great social boogie night headed up by Randy Marsh of Wet Play and DJ Sonofapizzaman both who I have collaborated with DJ wise on previous occasions and most recently on an all out boogie war radio show currently being finished by Marsh (Get a move on G). Supporting the lads will be Metronome and Vince Texture (great alias). This intimate party on Dec 7th is turning out to be a who’s who of Manchester’s Italo, Disco, Proto House and Boogie selectors. 

                             Red Laser Board Meeting

Kid Machine will be doing an exclusive live set. (Large puddles of drool in Holland and Belgium right now) Starion gets to exercise his abundant DJ skills (If a babysitter is available), Ste Spandex will no doubt tear a new fire door in Q Cavern as per usual (smash fails the dance floor never to) Boogie heartthrob Bob Dazzle will keep the ratio of men to women firmly in favour of the latter and The Disco Mums might as well be called Rent-A-Party (They could make people have a good time in Church!!) Without a doubt this will be one of the hottest parties in Manchester in December and not one person on the line-up from out of town. Who needs a two grand guest. Half the time the residents of Manchester club nights that put on expensive guests are better anyway!! (Check the random homo erotic sci fi book cover image. I call it 'Chrome Fist')

There’s no doubt that in the afternoon of Sat 8th December I will be wishing I was this geezer below. Easy access for a bit of re-wiring "Red or Black?"   BOOOM!! Oh and my liver hates me. Well fuck you liver you’re workin overtime on the 7th bitch

Anyways look below for the link bizznizz

Decembers Party ‘Red Laser and Full Beam Jizzmas special’ click link

Red Laser Group

Live Recoding from Red Laser Disco

Il Bosco

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