Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Let's talk label

Seen as though this blog called Red Laser Records I better start talking about the record label rather than wittering on about the current revival of Manchester clubbing and my passion for daft retro imagery. (Check this book cover)

It’s funny how you can have an idea, blink, and the idea seems to be instantaneously nearing its chaotic fruition. If this was a snowballing metaphor it would be equivalent to rolling a hand sized snowball down a kids slide and in its short journey flying off at the bottom as an Indiana Joneseque runaway boulder 

It was only in the summer me and Matt Triggs had the conversation about re-issuing 80’s Italo gems on vinyl so DJ’s could have 4 amazing and very expensive Italo records on one wax at the cost of a couple of beers. Before I knew it I had 3 of Manchesters top producers on board (Ste Spandex, Starion and Kid Machine) and Mark Kid Machine had hooked me up with Savino DJ and DJ Peet Need who had made an amazing rework of obscure italo 7" I Am Your Master and Italo DJ legend King of the cut himself Mr Flemming Dalum. Not bad for a couple of months of 'networking' (I fuking hate that word). 

Most importantly the whole process has been a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong, there has been bouts of stress and plenty of sacrifice’s, but without those challenges would not come the feelings of reward. If you’re a money orientated cunt you may have associated the word ‘Reward’ with financial gain (although money can come in really handy somtimes especially for feeding kids and general looking after the family ect). In this case reward refers to ‘Pride in a job well done’ and ‘The abundance of quality music and amazing people that this journey has brought me closer too’(Money orientated cunts can now start mopping their puke from the floor around them). If we were expecting to make any money out of pressing Vinyls we would have never of even started. Sheer love of music and records has brought these people together. This will no doubt shine through in the finished product. And i havn't even mentioned the attention to detail that design legend (In Manchester anyway) Eoin Macmanus has been applying to the artwork. That's another post 

Red Laser Records EP1 available 1st Dec

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Listen to more forthcoming releases and artists on our Red Laser Records Soundcloud here

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