Friday, 16 November 2012

Image Addiction

I aint ever been into computers until i finally excepted that if your gonna run a record label and not give it a half arsed attempt thet you better learn how to utilise the web. This new me has now learned how to set up a blog, upload and download various shit and create worldwide awarness with only the odd bout of eye burn as a side effect.

As a result of being on the web more i started to see a lot more music, blogs and most of all images and when i set up the Red Laser Disco facebook group instead of posting the usual Youtube links i became obsessed with posting images. This inturn inspired other group members to do the same and it has now become kind of competative. Just like vinyl junkies keeping their best record shop spots a secret my fellow image hunters will keep there source of visual delights under wraps.

The best Red Laser related images generally give a futuristic but paradoxical feel of Future Retro just like the music we play in our club night 'Red Laser Disco'

Everybody posts music and these days it seems an obvious thing to do as you can access pretty much any tune you want online and post it for kudos. The sport of image digging is not very popular and requires thought, good taste and plenty of trial and error digging due to the un tapped nature of image hunting as a culture


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