Monday, 19 November 2012

The Clubs Fight Back

So this weekend I was playing at one of Manchester’s better venues Soup Kitchen. Soup is definately one of the clubs leading the fight back against the onslaught of un creative, idealess, style devoid bar and club venues that have saturated and diluted Manchester’s Northern Quarter over the years. Once a haven for counter culture entrepreneur’s Northern Quarter slowly leaked clueless but likeable ‘in it for all the wrong reasons’ types which eventually led to a flooding of ‘annoying clueless cunts’. Venues like The Roadhouse, Cord and Night and Day had kept the scales from completely tipping into the shit  long enough for the emergence of some great venues with the right kind of people behind them. N2022, Kraak Gallery, Q Cavern and Soup Kitchen have given most Mancunian discoteque lovers a great sigh of relief and the vibe in Soup on Friday was fantastic. 

Here's me 'avin it' and Yoshi's flying fingers

Here's a generic Soup Kitchen shot

I was DJing from 12 – 3. When asked to do this I immediately got excited as its not often you get to play for so long in a venue with a great rep. If this was the usual shitty NQ bar where bulb sniffers ask for chart dubstep and Black eyed peas all night I would have rather burned my cock to a crisp using £150.00 of my own cash as fuel. Anyway fuck that fantasy for a minute. Soup Kitchen rocked. Its dark dirty raw brick walls and bass heavy soundsystem is the perfect setting for the sleazy analog sounds of 80’s Italo Disco, Boogie, NuDisco, Electro Chug, Acid and Deep House. The crowd was great and open minded and I only got mithered once by a girl who asked for something different because she thought i was ‘getting boring’ (Loui$ - Pink Footpath was playing at the time!!).

Loads of top heads in attendance including Manchesters Full Beam Boogie Cartel Randy Marsh, DJ Sonofapizzman and Vince Texture, Wet Play’s Ste Spandex and Kicking Pidgeon, Ashley Beadle and Vicky, Manchester oldest raver Jamie Rennie (Still fukin cooler than all the pre pubescent bum fluff strokers hangin round shit bars drinking snide foreign beers) and even Sam owner of Soup showed up for some serious afterbiz drinkys after his missus Lyndsey had been texting him from the dancefloor of what he was missing out on (Gimp)

Manchester alternative disco vibe is strong right now with great support from afore mentioned crews

Even got my end away when I rolled in at 7am back home!! (Told ya Lindsay ha ha)

Woke up the next afternoon with these beauty’s still running round my head. Click on the text for direct link to pleasure 

Il Bosco


  1. Sick Palmer Eldritch artwork at the top G.

    Spandex. x

  2. Yeah man. Philip K Dick book covers. Fukin sick catalogue of badass illustrations :D